I worked a little on my portfoliobox today and got some things up on society6. Nowhere near finished, but feeling productive.


What am I doing?

I took a semester off school, and I feel displaced. It’s difficult to set my own deadlines and make work for myself when I’m used to the structure. I haven’t picked up my camera in months.

I took a summer course in screenprinting, which was really great. I enjoyed it a lot and learned a lot about working under tight time constraints. Those of you who follow my instagram have seen some of the work from that time.

I made my first sale on society6 with this print. I’m working on getting some more work up there.

Right now I’m importing 67 gigs of files into lightroom and looking for work.

Experimentation #3

Leucadendron presents “Experimentation” # 3 “Naked Animals”-Leucadendron’s Choju-giga-
(selections from…)













I didn’t trust google translate for the information, so I’ll paste it raw:

minimal complexをブランドコンセプトとし、あらゆるジャンルを横断し、ファッションという表現活動を通して、既存のファッション領域の拡張を標榜しています。それは同時に、私たちが信じて止まないファッションが持つ可能性の追求でもあります。

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From Swinging Bridge, photograph by Ron Reeder.

Reeder works with palladium prints made from digital negatives that are made from scanned analogue negatives. He gets some beautiful results using the same paper I use for salt prints – arches platine.

I was looking up more microscope photography for a new body of monotype work, and came across these:

Eckhard Völcker – Exploring the Microscopic World

More here

I also really dig this photo of microscopic soy sauce

via the blaze

And these: Microscopic Images of Alcoholic Drinks

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Red Wine

The above photos by photographer Michael John Grist (website) during his haikyo trip to Nara Dreamland, an abandoned amusement park in Japan. Haikyo (Japanese for “ruins”) is the hobby of urban exploration, which often includes trips to abandoned places and nearly always includes people photographing their experiences.

I was particularly drawn to these images because they were at once formally beautiful, but also emotionally evocative. They are haunting images of a constructed reality that was enjoyed, then abandoned. I saw these awhile back, but I was recently reminded of them when I was trying to think of other artists that work in capturing constructed realities.

Painting Blog


Dear friends, sometimes I get carried away into the artistic arenas of decorating and just beautiful things I see in every day life.  That is one of the points of this blog: to catalog what inspires me.  But my outlet is painting, and painting is what the things I see inspire me to DO.  So here’s a little process for you.

Find pictures of butterlies on internet. Doodle some butteflies in sketchbook.  My butterfly will definitely be blue, I decide.

Ooh, here’s some pretty paints.  Never mind that two are acrylic and one is watercolor.  The watercolor may not be strongly pigmented enough to compete, but they’re all water based so it won’t hurt anything.  I told you we’re a mixed media family.
I notice my watercolor pan lid sitting out, so it becomes my mixing tray.  I think a lot of people think artists are really precise like…

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