I will post the cards here, as I complete them. You can also go to this album to view them.

Old Man
Old Woman
Bubble (background is from this image)
Iron Knight
Armorless Darknut (background is from this image)
Zol (background from texturemate)
Gel (background from texturemate)
Ghini (image created by deimos-remus)
Gibdo (background is from here)


Hello world!

This isn’t my first online presence. Neither is it my first online presence in the art world, whether it be traditional or digital art, photography, writing, poetry or lyric-writing.

It is my first online presence that has been mandatory for a class.

I could go about this two ways:

1) I could do the bare minimum and people could come by or stumble onto this blog and go “Oh, look, a student had to make a blog for class. Boring.”

2) I could actually enjoy this, keep it like I would any other blog for the topic, and enrich my understanding of this class and maybe make a kind of cool online presence as a sort of experiment for myself.

Will I keep using this blog after the class is over? Who knows. I have a pretty notorious habit of creating social networking sites (blogs, tumblr, twitter) and getting sidetracked by a new social networking site or just getting overwhelmed by life in general and abandoning them.

This is an introductory post, but it’s also a test post. I’ll be trying out some new themes, seeing how I like the look of things — the visual presentation of a blog is always half the fun for me. Often, I’ll spend hours customizing a blog, website or profile only to never use the thing I made. That’s not going to happen here – at least the bare minimum will be here.

So if you stumble across this, stick around and see what happens between now and December. And if you’re a classmate of mine, I’ll see you in class. It’s nice to (digitally) meet you.

So, a little about me, since we’re meeting for the first time. I’m Troy. I’m a fine arts major with a concentration in photography, formerly a computer science major. I’m taking a 3D design class this semester, as well as an art history class alongside the introduction to digital design class that I’m keeping this blog for. There may be a drawing class in my future. We’ll find out in the next couple of weeks if I’m keeping it or not. I’m a videogame junkie – they pretty much eat up all of my spare time. I think my favorite videogame experience has been the Assassin’s Creed series. I’m really looking forward to Revelations coming out in November. I’m a writer who doesn’t write much anymore and a photographer who doesn’t take enough pictures. Somehow I lose hours on tumblr pretty regularly.

On the more personal side, I struggle with depression and panic disorder. A lot of who I am as a person revolves around that, and a lot of who I am as an artist is defined by my experiences, struggles, triumphs and failures.

I’m learning to become an artist and a person and I hope it’s a process that continues for the rest of my life, growing and changing and becoming more comfortable in my own skin as I carve out my own place in the world.