What am I doing?

I took a semester off school, and I feel displaced. It’s difficult to set my own deadlines and make work for myself when I’m used to the structure. I haven’t picked up my camera in months.

I took a summer course in screenprinting, which was really great. I enjoyed it a lot and learned a lot about working under tight time constraints. Those of you who follow my instagram have seen some of the work from that time.

I made my first sale on society6 with this print. I’m working on getting some more work up there.

Right now I’m importing 67 gigs of files into lightroom and looking for work.


Using Photoshop Threshold to Separate Colors for Screenprint

A classmate came up to me today and asked how to seperate black and white onto two different images to print them out. We discussed trading white for light grey since the lab doesn’t have white, but I couldn’t figure out how to do what she wanted.

Enter the google machine.

Using Photoshop Threshold to Separate Colors for Screenprint

I won’t be using this for screenprinting any time soon, but it could be useful for other photographic or graphic work in the future.