Proposal : Final Project : Photography

“We lived on farms, then we lived in cities, and now we’re going to live on the internet!”

Planning to stage and photograph specific scenes adapted from the film The Social Network. These still scenes will attempt to convey pieces of the story from the film without dialogue or motion. Attention to form, composition, lighting will be critical to conveying these scenes in this way. Some liberty may be taken for meaning but attention to detail of the layout of scene films will also be important. Some location scouting may be required, but most of the photos can likely be taken in one or two locations that I already have in mind.

This particular display will attempt to remove people as much as possible and focus on scenes and the emotions and objects required to convey ideas rather than having people, facial expressions, etc. The challenge here is to display emotion, story and idea from objects and lighting.

Scene setup and objects included as well as lighting may be modified from their original presentation to better convey meaning and emotion. I am also considering toning the prints in a yellow tone to match the yellow overtones of the film, but I need to run some trials on a few prints to be sure if I’m going to be able to do that.

Scenes currently being considered: (in progress)

Materials needed: (other than film, camera, tripod obviously) (in progress)

  • dry erase marker
  • envelope
  • black pen
  • whiteboard
  • legal pad
  • can of mt. dew

Display format: ideally, since this is a piece on The Social Network, the movie about Facebook, I believe one of the best display methods would be to scan the prints in and put them in a Facebook photo album, then project them during class time. Physical prints can be presented for further consideration during critique if necessary.