Jack and Jill went up the hill and broke his crown

This is the final version that was turned in, mounted on black board. There are some changes that need to be made, primarily that the bottom of the hill needs to be stretched down into the foreground and cropped so it’s not just floating above the bottom of the square. Some text needs to be moved around and the instructor would like more depth. I got a B but I can make changes to bump it up to an A. I’ll get around to that eventually.


Jack & Jill and The Fool On The Hill: Thumbnails (first)

Jack fell down
and broke his crown
But nobody wants to know him
Day after day, alone on the hill
and he never gives an answer

This is a rough idea of what might be able to be done with the provided dingbats for the first of the six narratives. Thumbnails will be made for all six, and probably posted here. A lot more work will be done in illustrator on the final one, including manipulating and dissecting the dingbats in much more detail than was done here, of course, but this is just a rough idea.