Reduction in Camera Shake Filter

I just got this email from adobe creative cloud that includes a tutorial on how to remove camera shake from an image. This could be useful in the future, particularly since I’m planning on shooting my next work in a place where I might be moving around a lot.

Camera Shake Reduction Tutorial Video


Gender Swap – Experiment with The Machine to Be Another

“interdisciplinary art collective beanotherlab asks ‘what would it be like to see through the eyes of the opposite sex?’, answered through their open source art investigation ‘the machine to be another‘. using two immersive head mounted displays — the oculus rift — the user partakes in a brain illusion, seeing a 3-dimensional video through the eyes’ of the person they face, who follows the former’s movements. designed as an interactive performance installation, the participants engage in an embodiment experience, seeing the other’s body as if it was their own. ‘the performer is someone interested in sharing a story about his/her existence. this role can be assumed by an actor interpreting a real situation, or rather it may be taken by any person who is interested in sharing some episode about his or her life.’, the team say of the project. although this example is an experiment in identity and self-realization, beanotherlab is looking towards using ‘the machine to be another’ the device in the treatment and rehabilitation of people with disabilities”

When you’re never comfortable as yourself, in your body, what would it be like to be able to see through the eyes of another person, to experience a momentary idea of living in a body different than the one you live in every day.

There’s a state of mind that some people experience where they look too long, spend too long watching something, reading something, and connect so solidly with those characters, with that face that they see that they begin to forget where that character ends and they begin. It is a divorced state of reality that some people experience very intensely. This reminds me also of that. How jarring it would be, how heartbreaking it might be to take the visor off and have to look in the mirror again at that face, at that body that you don’t identify with after being able to have seen the thing you could have been and maybe should have been. Is it better or worse afterward, knowing what you’ll never be?

The Function of the Response (when the response is a blog post)

Questions in response to The Function of the Studio (when the studio is a laptop) by Caitlin Jones.

What makes the studio so important to the artist? Is it a state of mind when in that studio?

I find that for me, that’s often exactly the case, although my “studio” doesn’t exist in the typical sense of the word. I would love to have a studio (and/or) an office. A place where I can go to work and be alone, cut off from everything distracting. But in a way, that’s cut off from everything inspiring. My studio would have to have a tv in it, something that many artists would scoff at. My studio would have to have music. My studio would have to sometimes have people in it.

Often, my studio is a coffee shop. Not just any coffee shop, but one I’ve grown to love since discovering it. It’s one of the few 24 hour coffee shops in Colorado, and no matter where in the state I live, I’d be willing to drive to it in the dead of night, when I can’t sleep and I can’t focus on the work that needs to be done. I’ve spent many a night writing, working on digital (and even  some traditional) art, sipping coffee or tea and breathing the ambiance of the little bookstore/coffee shop. There are never enough free tables, especially in November. There are never enough people who sit down at the piano and plink out a song or two. There are never enough hours in the day for me to spend as much time there as I’d like to.

My studio has also consisted of a multitude of classrooms, my coffee table (while a movie runs in the background or my fiancee plays a videogame), her parents’ basement, my mom’s kitchen table, and even my bed a few times when things need to get done, but I just don’t have it in me to face the day. The studio is where you create. It’s where your inspiration lives. It’s where your ability to get things done takes you.

How does the title relate to the article?

I felt like the article was important and relevant, but I felt like the concept of a studio got lost somewhere in the many and varied examples of contemporary and internet-based art. I’m not entirely sure that the title “The function of the studio,” was ever directly addressed.

Other things that stood out or were important to me.

I’m a very big proponent of the infinite universes theory, or quantum worlds, or quantum reality, or alternate universes or infinite possibility, or however you want to word it. I spend an extremely large amount of time thinking about this. Finding it here, where I wasn’t expecting it was sort of a kick to the gut.

“Every lie creates a parallel world; the world in which it’s true.” -Momus