Your heart is an empty room.

I’ve finished my archive project.  The fullsize archive can be found here. Each image is 100×100 pixels. I may upload a smaller version so that it can all be viewed on one screen in class – this is a little big for my laptop screen, but it might be an okay size on the classroom desktop.

For anyone who uses LJ and is interested in using any of them as livejournal icons, a p0st with each of the images individually, plus 33 more (some being variants or slightly different crops of the same room) can be found here.



Archive Ideas

Processing the initial idea, as assigned here I came up with a list of things that might make an interesting archive. When deciding on what things might be good to use, I considered a number of things:

  • How will this look visually?
  • What kind of statement(s) might I be making with this archive?
  • What kinds of emotional reactions might other people have to viewing this archive?
  • What images do I react to most strongly?
  • What are my passions?

I jotted down a list of things that might make appealing archives, keeping these things in mind.

  • urban decay
  • abandoned buildings
  • computers
  • microchips
  • binary
  • fire
  • litter
  • doors
  • windows
  • empty rooms

I’ve looked on a number of image sites and archives, and I’m familiar with quickly gathering images from a number of locations for various reasons, so it was easy enough to glance through image archives and see what was initially most visually appealing.

What I’ve decided, for now, that I’m going to use for my archive, are empty rooms.

If this ends up not working the way I’d like, I’ll change it up as I’m working.

I’ll be indexing the fullsize images at this tumblr, specifically this tag. The tumblr will probably keep going even after this process, where people can submit, archive, reblog and enjoy pictures of empty rooms. This will also make it easy for me to access the images where ever until I’m in a place where I can comfortably save them all. Talk about a portable studio: the internet. 🙂