This isn’t my first online presence. Neither is it my first online presence in the art world, whether it be traditional or digital art, photography, writing, poetry or lyric-writing.

It is my first online presence that has been mandatory for a class.

I could go about this two ways:

1) I could do the bare minimum and people could come by or stumble onto this blog and go “Oh, look, a student had to make a blog for class. Boring.”

2) I could actually enjoy this, keep it like I would any other blog for the topic, and enrich my understanding of this class and maybe make a kind of cool online presence as a sort of experiment for myself.

Will I keep using this blog after the class is over? Who knows. I have a pretty notorious habit of creating social networking sites (blogs, tumblr, twitter) and getting sidetracked by a new social networking site or just getting overwhelmed by life in general and abandoning them.

This is an introductory post, but it’s also a test post. I’ll be trying out some new themes, seeing how I like the look of things — the visual presentation of a blog is always half the fun for me. Often, I’ll spend hours customizing a blog, website or profile only to never use the thing I made. That’s not going to happen here – at least the bare minimum will be here.

So if you stumble across this, stick around and see what happens between now and December. And if you’re a classmate of mine, I’ll see you in class. It’s nice to (digitally) meet you.

So, a little about me, since we’re meeting for the first time. I’m Troy. I’m a fine arts major with a concentration in photography, formerly a computer science major. I’m taking a 3D design class this semester, as well as an art history class alongside the introduction to digital design class that I’m keeping this blog for. There may be a drawing class in my future. We’ll find out in the next couple of weeks if I’m keeping it or not. I’m a videogame junkie – they pretty much eat up all of my spare time. I think my favorite videogame experience has been the Assassin’s Creed series. I’m really looking forward to Revelations coming out in November. I’m a writer who doesn’t write much anymore and a photographer who doesn’t take enough pictures. Somehow I lose hours on tumblr pretty regularly.

On the more personal side, I struggle with depression and panic disorder. A lot of who I am as a person revolves around that, and a lot of who I am as an artist is defined by my experiences, struggles, triumphs and failures.

I’m learning to become an artist and a person and I hope it’s a process that continues for the rest of my life, growing and changing and becoming more comfortable in my own skin as I carve out my own place in the world.


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