I wanted to do some distressing of old negatives that my mom had of me as a child to work further with identity and childhood and loss of connection, but it turns out that a lot of them are disc film that I can’t print and that won’t stand up well to that kind abuse. The images are very small on the negatives and I’m not sure how I could print those using a standard enlarger.

So I began to think about rephotographing the images manually using a film camera, then distressing the new film and printing from there. I can work with digital negatives if I’m working in alternative processes, but I’m not sure that would work so well with the enlarger.

In my research, I came across this blog post by Michael Zhang, in which he talks about a process used by photographer Daisuke Yokota. I’ll link to it here, rather than creating an entirely new post about it: Distorted Photos Created by Repeatedly Rephotographing Prints

I think, in the end, I might try taking them to the docucam at school and hooking my camera up to it. It’s hard to focus on that thing, though, because it goes up so high that it’s hard to look through it when it’s got everything in frame. I’ll need to use my shutter release cable, and I wonder if the polarizing lens I have for my digital camera would work on my film camera. Hm. Just some ideas I’m tossing around again.


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