I thought I had narrowed down the three images I wanted for my resource book for the 9 eyes and elegant corpse exercises, when I came across this on my tumblr:

The post was on this tumblr which links to this facebook, associated with the name Ashley Scirrotto, but I have no idea if it’s actually her art or something she found. So I can’t technically include it in my resource book. I don’t know the medium or dimensions for sure, either. So I think I’ll just leave it here.

This week we didn’t do a whole lot. There’s been a lot of confusion over assignments and due dates. We’ve been given the handout for project 1 but we haven’t officially started it.

This week we’ve worked with still life drawings – gestural, contour line drawings, continuous contour line drawings and continuous contour line drawings where you don’t look at the drawing, so I’d like to find a few pictures of things of that nature that sort of illustrate gesture and contour well for my reference book this week.

I could use this one this week, or perhaps when we start working with ink – it has a contour drawing of a suited figure, but the artist has also smeared ink across the page. It was done with ink on a moleskine journal and was found here. I suppose, I don’t know the dimensions or the actual name of the artist, so I can’t use it. This is so limiting. I’ll put it up here anyway.

Artist: Rynisyou
Medium: Ink on paper (Moleskine journal)
Dimensions: not sure
Date: posted 16 January 2012, date made, unsure.

This came from the textbook for class (Drawing, Structure & Vision). It was on p. 50.

Here are some that won’t work for this week, but might work for later, so I’ll store them here for now.

Found on tumblr, via Saatchi Online
Title: Lovers
Artist: Jarek Puczel (Olsztyn, Poland)
Medium: oil painting
Date: August 1, 2010
Dimensions: unknown


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