This is now a blog for random art ventures and Drawing I

This blog is blacked out for SOPA but I’m posting in it anyway. You’ll all see it after the blackout lifts, if anyone even reads it.

As most of you know, this blog was created as a requirement for my Intro to Digital class as a way of dissecting and introspecting my process and the way I feel about images, media, creation and art. I think I learned a lot from using it and I think I’m going to continue using it as much as I can throughout my art career. I’ve also considered possibly making a tumblr for things that inspire me, but the internet is such a distracting place for me.

It’s a requirement for my drawing class this semester that I keep a resource book of 3 images per week that relate to the current assignment for a total of 45 images at the end of the semester. This might be a good place for me to keep track of images like that if I come across them. This week, being the first week – yesterday being the first day, we covered the syllabus and did an assignment called the exquisite corpse. I think my first image for my book will be something from that. I’ll have to wait to add it to my book until tomorrow since the SOPA protest is blocking a lot of things (including wikipedia) today.

We did an exercise on it in class where we passed around a three-folded sheet of paper and each added on a layer. Then each of us was given one of the “corpses” to take home and refine before next class on Thursday, so that’s something I’ll be working on today. I also have to draw 9 eyes – one realistic, the rest can be somewhere between realistic and stylized.

The first assignment is that damn 5 renders of the same images using line, stippling, crosshatching, etc., assignment. I’m not looking forward to it. I’ll see what I can dig up out of my photography that might not be too awful to use. Probably spend some time in the computer lab printing stuff up today. Blah. That’s not due in until Tuesday but it’d be nice to get a feel for what I’ working with.


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