Cards 01-04

As per my proposal I’ve begun making cards.

I’ve run into some interesting problems with the images – namely than many of them are .gif and .png files which feature the characters with no backgrounds. A lot of what I’m using is cleaned up cahracter artwork, rather than in-game renders, and even if they are renders, they don’t have backgrounds. The cards looked too boring and plain on white backgrounds and didn’t look like a finished product, so I’ve begun making my own backgrounds. The first one is noticeably different from the second as I found ways to better integrate the images into the backgrounds so they don’t look so much like they’re just pasted onto a background – this is especially difficult when I’m working with photographic backgrounds and drawn artwork, but I think they look pretty good and I’m happy with them.


I chose to use “sylladex” as the © name because I didn’t want to put my legal name on them in case I want to share them with people on the internet, so I went with my blog username.


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