“reading” 4 questions

I haven’t posted my finished images of the palm here, but I do need to get to the questions for the next “reading,” which, instead of being a reading, is a couple of videos we needed to watch.

My first question isn’t particularly related to the type of question we’re supposed to ask, probably, but I wonder how people felt about watching videos versus doing a reading. I like the readings better for a lot of reasons – they’re portable, can be printed out, can have sections highlighted with spelling or whatever for further research and can be done in any environment. Videos cause more problems – I need to be somewhere where I can process the audio as well as the visual, which means being alone, having headphones available, being connected to the internet and various other limitations. That having been said, it’s interesting to be able to view things that move and show, rather than just reading words.

That having been said, I wonder how people’s views and opinions differ about installation art versus other art forms, digital or otherwise. I think a lot of people look at installations and think “oh, that’s cool” but if they aren’t familiar with the installation as an art form, may have trouble processing it as art. And in those situations, I wonder, how do people feel about their art being viewed as something that isn’t necessarily considered by some to be “art” but rather an interesting or cool “thing”.

And we come into the realm of “several artists” creating a piece. Although it isn’t necessarily appropriation, how do people feel about the pictures they take being incorporated into a larger piece? Do you expect your name somewhere? Credit? Generalized credit that others participated or assisted in the project? As an artist where does your need for individual recognition end and the fact that you’ve helped to create a larger whole begin?


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