3: process : ideas

Should I go at this picking an image and thinking of the words that come to mind, or picking a word and trying to come up with different ways it can be interpreted via images?

The first is to take an image and give it five different type treatments, thus, changing the meaning. The second part is to take one of those type treatments and change the image associated with it.

These directions tell me I should look for an image first. But there’s always the idea of working in reverse.

Word ideas:

Bound – leaping (the font bouncy), tied together, marriage, for a destination, ?
And then which one would I then play the swap game with?. Hm. /shelf

Empty – empty room, empty cookie jar, person or outline of person, empty field, ??
Field could be incorporated to have different words on them.

Degree – diploma, angle, temperature, being grilled, ?

Trust – money/bank, cuddling/holding hands, gift, ??

Image Ideas:
I think I could just spend some time scrolling through image places and think. I’ll post here as I come up with ideas.

Veronica Lake in Paramount Pictures (word that comes to mind: muse. (another image with muse would be someone thoughtful?) fate.

Think about the text visual distortions. Twist.

Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore.


This idea punches me hard, because I think it’s often so difficult to pinpoint people who are suicidal and/or suicidally depressed. Some people hide it so well. I think it’s a powerful statement to work with and I really might try if it doesn’t end up triggering me too much. There’s also another side to this statement – it doesn’t say “I want to die” or “I hate my life” just “I don’t want to be in this world,” which often categorizes my own depression of “I just don’t want to be,” but I wonder if I would feel different in another world. Maybe I would or maybe the problems that are so difficult for me now would follow me, like a flaw in my own person.

Protect me from what I want (( Protège-moi )) This could be played with in the same way.

And then one of these images can be pulled and then placed with different “thought” ideas. I could stretch it using different fonts, colors, etc., but I’m really interested in keeping that same flatness, forcing the words to do the work rather than the typography, but we’ll see.

Also, “removed” as a word theme, either for this assignment or another. The word “removed” or a phrase that indicates removal and a piece cut out of the image and clearly missing, either with white in the background or another picture showing through to represent the missing subject. I want to play with this idea, even if I don’t use it for this assignment.


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