Appropriation Ideas

The second assignment is to appropriate an image (or images) found in the digital world to create an original artwork. I’m definitely not unfamiliar with the concept of photomanipulation to create a new piece.

Some examples of things I’ve created previously include “Yum, Blood” and Hidden Drive. Hidden Drive was one of my early forays into the process of digital manipulation. As you can see, it was created in 2003. I’m really not proud of it anymore, but it took me a long time to make, and was a good exercise into learning some of the things that Photoshop was capable of.

After looking at the images by Idris Khan, I decided that this time I might try something similar to what he did – sort of stacking images and playing with levels of opacity, softness, size and try to create a feeling I was happy with. I found his images to be unsettling but intriguing – something I wasn’t completely comfortable with but not something I wanted to stop looking at.

Trees, over the last few  years, have had a very large and strange pull for me for reasons I won’t get into right now. My second venture into the archive project led me to begin creating a “forest of trees”. (you can see the as-yet unfinished work in progress of that here) I think I’d like to try that same idea, while pursuing something more along the lines of what Khan creates: layers of trees superimposed over each other to create a dense forest. Black and white seems easiest to make a level playing ground for the various colors that are to be found in such images. Also, to make myself feel more comfortable about appropriating images, I’m going to work as exclusively as possible in stock and creative commons licensed images.  The easiest place for me to begin that search was a site I was comfortable with retrieving stock for practice use – deviantArt. If I can’t find enough of what I’m looking for there, I’ll probably check out flickr and see what I can find.


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